Set up a Submersible Pond Pump in 4 Easy Steps

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Submersible pond pumps are used to establish water movement in a koi pond or any other type of pond by circulating oxygen. Pond pumps are easy to install for anyone and are generally used in ponds holding anywhere from 200 to 6000 gallons of water.

Step 1 – Selecting the Pump Size

It is important to know how many gallons of water the pond contains in order to figure out what size of pump is necessary. The pump box will normally suggest what size of pond the pump is made for, even though staff members at the expert water hobby stores will usually be able to make suggestions.

Step 2 – Getting the Pond ready

The submersible pond pump must never be positioned straight onto the ground of the pond as this may trigger debris and dirt particles to enter the pump and decrease its lifespan. Simply place a cinder block or a piece of wood where the pump will be placed. Position the submersible pump on top of this, also make sure the pump is entirely under water.

Step 3 – Setting Up the Pump

You need a flexible tubing for the pump. If you are using tubes from a reel, use a knife to cut the suitable length. This is where the water will be moved through to create motion.
Place the tube above the outflow part of the pump and make certain that it is firmly set up. Using a screwdriver, connect the hose clamp tightly to the pump.

Step 4 – Creating Movement

Two things left. The first thing to do is to simply place the hose over a waterfall and let it roll. This will allow the water from the pump to empty back into the pond.
The second thing is to place the hose to a fountain on the bottom where it will pump the water into the fountain. The water is then released back into the pond, establishing movement and therefore supplying oxygen.

After the hose is established into it’s place, you can plug the pump in to a connector. Look at the pond to verify that the water begins to show activity. If not, double-check all of the steps above to see if something you have been overlooked. If the water begins to move, it’s all good. When connected to a water fountain in a pond, submersible pond pumps allow to add visual beauty to your backyard and pond. An attractive look and grace for the whole garden is guaranteed.

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