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Garden Waterfalls

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Falling or sliding water creates a sound that some find calming and relaxing. That is why waterfalls are elements that are often designed into backyard ponds. Running water also aids to aerate a pond, giving a healthy and more natural environment for the fish and saving water from going bad. Waterfalls can be put together with a pond fountain kit or a pond pump that moves water over rocks.

Waterfalls can be built in just about any design and style you can think of. You can combine it into a pool or pond, or use a natural stream already going through your backyard. Make your water feature from as many natural components as achievable to truly build that look of nature.

Putting together your waterfall – Your builder could either use a kit or just buy the components separately if you have more specific wishes. For a minimal service natural waterfall, place gravel and stone around your liner to naturally filter the water. Set up an underground sump at the bottom to reel in the water and then a fountain pump to re-circulate the water back up. Put some large stones and decorative plants around the waterfall, some close by, some further away. There are also many ready kits available that will work with any layout you have in mind. The size of your pump relies up on the size of your waterfall and water volume. The proper size is essential to avoid unwanted electricity bills.

A water feature can add character and natural beauty to any garden, both front and back. What better way to relax or charm guests than with the relaxing sounds of spraying water in the background?